Our mission


Founded in 2010, the Minnesota Theater Alliance is a 501c3 nonprofit service organization. Our mission is to leverage the collective strengths of Minnesota’s theaters and theater professionals to promote, support, and advocate for the Minnesota theater industry locally, nationally, and internationally, believing that theater is an essential public good, critical to a healthy and truly democratic society and invaluable as a source of personal enrichment and growth.


The Alliance seeks to become a model of unique partnerships, fostering collaboration and cooperation between Minnesota theaters and theater professionals, striving to provide resource sharing, advocacy throughout the general public, a strong network of communications between members and between the membership and the public ( both existing and potential audiences), while supporting the individual visions of its members and partners.


  • The Alliance holds dear the core values of community, collaboration, diversity, access, and interdependence. Community consists of not only member theaters and theater professionals but all who recognize that theatre is an essential good and work to broaden its capacity for providing health and the public good.
  • Recognizing that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts, the alliance strives to promote collaboration throughout the industry in an effort to broaden our members’ impact at an economically feasible level.
  • The alliance embraces the multitude of forms, ideas, and expressions that the theater can embrace without preference or regard to the nature of the work.
  • The alliance believes that elimination of barriers to access is a driving principle behind the establishment of a vibrant theater ecology.
  • The alliance believes that interdependence, the ability to allow members to function at their highest degree of independence while providing the strongest platform for all members to function, is the most evolved state of existence to be attained.