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Minnesota Theater Alliance

We need you to join now.
If you've been reading our newsletter, you already know we have tons of exciting programs in development for you. But we can't build them without you. We need you to join now.

The investment of building this organization, meeting with all of you to learn your needs, and designing new programs has been covered by startup funding from McKnight Foundation and St. Paul Travelers Foundation. We are soon coming to the end of those funds and we need your support to fund the programs we have ready for you.

Your membership dues provide critical program revenue. But even more importantly, your membership shows granters that we are united in this work, so that we can bring additional funding into our community. Your participation will make our programs more effective and is critical to all of our success.

Please become a member now

New discounts!
Alliance members get discounted and free membership with lots of other great service organizations:

  • 50% Off of first-year, new membership with Theatre Communications Group (Renewing TCG members get early-bird 5% discount even after the deadline.)
  • Alliance members, and all of their artists and staff, qualify for FREE associate membership with Fractured Atlas, a national service organization that serves artists and arts organizations.
  • 20% Off of Company membership with
  • 20% Off of membership with Minnesota Association of Community Theaters (MACT)
  • 20% Off of membership with the Network of Ensemble Theatres (NET)

You're all invited
The Minnesota Theater Alliance, a new organization, collectively founded by Minnesota's theaters, for our theaters, is here to serve you. All of you. Every performance company and venue, of every kind: big and small; professional, community, academic, for-profit, non-profit, and unincorporated; urban, suburban and Greater Minnesota – all are welcome and invited.

Our own Alliance at last
Did you know that there are over 300 theaters in Minnesota? And that unlike theaters all over the country from Chicago to New York, Austin to Seattle, Philadelphia to Cleveland, we've never had an Alliance to serve our needs? Finally, we are proud to announce an historic initiative to unite and serve Minnesota's theaters.

Don't stand alone in difficult times
The arts are struggling like never before in this time of political and economic upheaval. But we believe that times of crisis call for the kind of vision, action and courage that can only be achieved through collective energy and united purpose.

Your ideas shape us
After hosting 35 informational meetings all across the state, attended by hundreds of theaters-makers, and listening to everyone's ideas, we have begun developing powerful programs to serve you.

Programs in development for you

  • Audience development and marketing
  • Free Night of Theater new-patron outreach program
  • A comprehensive performance calendar
  • Open source ticketing systems
  • Directory of rehearsal and performance spaces
  • "Big List" cooperative mailing lists
  • Workshops for professional development
  • Conferences
  • Newsletters
  • Census of business practices
  • Internship match program
  • Vendor discounts on products we all use
  • Free membership to Fractured Atlas
  • Discounted membership to other organizations
  • Advocacy for our industry and our needs on local, state, andnational levels

Lean and smart
We are a small institution, with a small staff, by design; our structure is driven by your needs, not by an arbitrary ambition to grow an institution. We promise to keep our expenses minimal and to spend your membership investment responsibly and responsively.

Your dues matter
Membership dues are on a sliding scale based on budget size. Theaters that are members of our partner service organizations get 20% off their membership to both organizations. Theaters with budgets under $500,000 that don't charge admission get 50% off their dues. We depend on membership dues for only one-fifth of our budget, reaching out to other funding sources as well to bring more support to our sector collectively.

How much?

Budget Level Annual Dues Member of partner organization* Free admission policy
$5,000,000+ $1,200 $960 NA
$3,000,000 - $4,999,999 $1,000 $800 NA

$1,000,000 - $2,999,999

$750 $600 NA
$500,000 - $999,999 $500 $400 NA
$300,000 - $499,999 $300 $240 $150
$100,000 - $299,999 $200 $160 $100
$50,000 - $99,999 $150 $120 $75
$25,000 - $49,999 $125 $100 $63
$0 - $24,999 $100 $80 $50

* Partners currently include: Minnesota Association of Community Theatres,, Network of Ensemble Theatres, and Theatre Communications Group.


We are glad to support Minnesota's theater artists as they come together to create a voice for theater that is not just louder, but stronger; not unanimous, but united; and that continues the dialogue between opening nights. The Minnesota Theater Alliance is a statewide effort to support one of Minnesota's most valuable resources--our 300+ theaters!

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