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Who's in Charge, Schedule of Events

Who's in Charge?

A Minnesota Theater Forum on Leadership and Diversity
May 6-7, 2013 at Hamline University, St. Paul, MN
Klas Center, Kay Fredericks Room (3rd floor) - MAP

The Minnesota Theater Alliance invites artists, administrators, educators, and students to a collective conversation around critical challenges and opportunities in leadership, inclusion, and diversity facing our community.

Pre-registration deadline has passed, but you may register on site at 11:30 A.M. on Monday. Same-day registration fee is $50 for entire conference, but does not include meals. Payment must be by cash or check. Register at Klas Center, Taylor Ave, Kay Fredericks Room (3rd floor) - MAP


DAY ONE: Monday, May 6

11:30 AM Registration, snacks
12:00 PM Welcome

12:10 - 4:00 PM

Changing the Script: Transformation through Inclusion

12:10 PM Epiphanies: Personal narratives from the artistic trenches
Lisa Channer, Richard Cook, Andrea Jenkins, Randy Reyes, Ricardo Vazquez

12:50 PM Engaging the Future of Minnesota Performing Arts: Five lenses for exploring cultural competence
Presented by Dr. James Francisco Bonilla, School of Business and Race, Gender & Beyond Faculty Development Program, Hamline University

2:05 PM Break
2:15 PM Three breakouts to choose from:

  • Shared Epiphanies: Join artist presenters from above Epiphanies session in a discussion about balancing our own artistic journey within the desire to be a catalyst for the journey of others.
  • A Roadmap for Creating More Culturally Competent Organizations: in-depth with keynote presenter Dr. James Francisco Bonilla.
  • Art for Social Justice: Performance and roundtable with practitioners of social justice based performing arts. Panel: Making Waves social justice troupe from Hamline University, Breaking Ice program from Pillsbury House Theatre, H. Adam Harris, Penumbra teen program

3:15 PM All breakouts share back.

4:00 PM Supper

5:00 - 8:00 PM

Back to the Future: Transition, succession, endurance, and the next generation of leadership

5:00 PM Presentations from four cohorts of leaders in our community:

  • Artistic directors: Michelle Hensley, Danette Olsen, Randy Reyes, Rick Shiomi
  • Arts administrators: Brad Kruse, Steven Lockwood, Michael-jon Pease, Mary Ann Pulk
  • Educators: Kathleen Corley, Sharon Rodning Bash, Sherry Wagner-Henry
  • Mentorship and the next generation: Blake Bolan, Ana Hagedorn, Jamil Jude, Ben Krywosz, Adrienne Sweeney, Rachel Summers, Megan West

6:00 PM Four breakouts to choose from, one from each cohort above.
7:15 PM All cohorts share back.

8:00 PM Reception

DAY TWO: Tuesday, May 7

8:30 AM Check in, coffee, snacks
9:00 AM The Not for Profit Theater and Its Double
Glancing Backward, Pressing Forward
Facilitated by Nello McDaniel, ARTS Action Research
The not for profit theater movement in this country was driven by passion, some unlikely partners and a lot of good intentions. But today the field is struggling with some unintended consequences. We will discuss some of these intentions and consequences and how creative and passionate theater people today move the field forward.
10:00 AM Where are we now?
Two breakouts to choose from:
  • Organizational Culture: So why do we do it this way?
    Facilitated by Ben Krywosz, Nautilus Music-Theater
    The artistic and administrative choices we make are influenced by the assumptions, values, and habits that comprise our organizational culture. Do you know the culture of your organization? Is it aligned with your mission? Does it differ between departments? How does it effect the decisions you make -- little everyday choices, and those made in times of crisis? Join us as we collectively devise methods you can use to identify, understand, and maximize your organization’s culture.
  • Management in Motion: One size does not fit all
    Facilitated by Kate Barr, Nonprofit Assistance Fund.
    A panel of innovative leaders discusses how their organizational models differ from the typical theater management template; why they did it that way; and how it’s working out for them. Panel: Brave New Workshop, Commonweal Theatre, Workhaus Collective
10:45 AM Break
11:00 AM New Modes of Thinking
Two breakouts to choose from:
  • Making Theater for Everyone: A commons based approach
    Presented by Polly Carl, Ph.D., Director/Editor of HowlRound: A Center for the Theater Commons at Emerson College
    This session will cover the principles and practice of a commons based approach to theater practice. Using HowlRound as a case study, this session will focus on commons based philosophies for generating and sharing knowledge. It will situate the history of not-for-profit theater as rooted in a commons philosophy, trace our field-wide shift to an over dependence on market driven practices, and look at questions of artistic leadership in the context of a shifting cultural frame that is redefining both "who's in charge?" and "who gets to participate?"
  • Strategic Thinking vs. Planning
    Facilitated by James Rocco, Ordway Center for the Performing Arts and Carl Atiya Swanson, Springboard for the Arts and Savage Umbrella

    Was it ever realistic to think a theater could plan the next five years and then just follow the plan? Strategic thinking is an approach that empowers an organization and its staff to be nimble and responsive to change within a mission-driven strategic framework.
11:45 AM Lunch
12:45 PM New Modes of Operating
Two breakouts to choose from:
  • Theaters Leading Change: Emerging narratives in the arts
    Facilitated by Nello McDaniel

    In this session Nello McDaniel of ARTS Action Research will discuss some of the findings and examples from AAR's latest Special Report based on initiatives in New York City, North Carolina and Toronto.
  • A Sum Greater than its Parts: Partnerships and collaborations
    Facilitated by Shari Aronson and Scott Artley, Z Puppets Rosenschnoz

    When organizations collaborate and partner, outreach is expanded, strengths are leveraged, resources are shared, and impact is multipled. But success depends on knowing why, how and with whom to partner. Panel: Kathy Blegen-Huntley, Tyler Olsen, Jun-Li Wang, Maren Ward
1:30 PM Break
1:45 PM Open space breakouts
Topics determined by collected responses from conference attendees
2:30 PM Break
2:45 PM Capstone Discussion
Facilitated by Leah Cooper, Minnesota Theater Alliance
A collaboratively designed vision for the future of our artistic community
3:30 PM Reception

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Presented by the Minnesota Theater Alliance.
Sponsored by Hamline University Theatre Department, Springboard for the Arts, University of Minnesota Arts and Cultural Leadership program, and Heather West Public Relations.

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