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About Arts Market

About Arts Market
Like a Craig's List for the arts, Arts Market is a free online materials exchange for the arts in Minnesota. You can post and browse listings for items that can be reused like set pieces, props, costumes, building materials, office furniture, gear, etc. It's a great way to save money, storage, and keep useful stuff out of the landfill.

Important things to know before you use Arts Market
There are some quirks.

  • This is a new system, and we are still working out the kinks, so we beg your patience.
  • First things first: you'll need to create a login to use the system, even to browse it. This helps us stay in touch with you and keeps spammers and people outside our community from taking over the site.
  • Our exchange is part of a larger one (the Minnesota Materials Exchange), so when you first create your account, there are some things like it might look like you are an "employee" of the Minnesota Theater Alliance" and your location is the Alliance's address. Once you post a listing though, you can enter the actual location for your facility or wherever your item(s) are.
  • In addition to "for sale" listings, you can now post items available for rent. If you have a large inventory of items, we can import many items at once for you, if you can put them into our spreadsheet template. Email Joanna to find out how.

Advertising your services on Arts Market
Do you regularly provide products or services to the same people who might be looking for reusable art-making stuff? You can sponsor Arts Market and reach potential customers by running a banner ad on Arts Market. Ads are $250 per year. Artwork must be 160 pixels wide, and between 160 and 480 pixels high. Contact Joanna Schnedler to reserve an ad now.

It all started at the Sustainability in Theater conference, when Derek Miller, of Sandbox Theatre, suggested a list-serve where theater-makers could offer and find reusable items for sets, props, costumes, gear, etc. From there, Derek started compiling listings, which he emailed back out to his mailing list, and the Alliance posted here on our Web site. With funding from the Metropolitan Regional Arts Council, the Alliance worked with iWasteNot Software to create a fully searchable online database that is now Arts Market.

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