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In addition to memberships from theaters and theater artists, the Alliance needs community support to sustain and grow our programs for theaters. Thank you for your donation!

Explore MN Theater: Join the Campaign

Explore MN Theater
The Alliance has partnered with Explore MN to create Explore MN Theater. Sign up to get involved!

Human Resources Toolkit for the Performing Arts

The Alliance has created a Performing Arts Human Resources Toolkit resource, as part of our PAHRTS workshop series in 2015 & 2016! Please Let us know if you have ideas for additional resources that would be useful on this site.

Arts Market: like a Craig's List for the arts!

The Minnesota Theater Alliance has launched Arts Market, a free online materials exchange for the arts, where you can offer and find reusable set pieces, hardware, art materials, gear, costumes, props, office stuff, etc. available for free, sale, rent, or barter. Share resources, reduce costs, make a little revenue, reduce waste.

SpacemART is now SpaceFinder Minnesota

Springboard for the Arts, Minnesota Theater Alliance and Fractured Atlas are proud to announce that spacemART has been redesigned as SpaceFinder Minnesota. The newly branded site features a calendar upload tool for sharing your venue's rental availability, and cross-disciplinary directories for listing a wider variety of spaces.

Know your audience, find new audience

The Minnesota Audience Development Exchange (MADE) is a network of arts and culture organizations sharing a community database that provides demographic analysis of their patrons, better insights into audience behavior, and facilitates permission-based list trades between organizations. It's also a great peer-to-peer learning network for audience development strategies. Join the 32 other organizations that are learning more about their audiences now! More info ...

Member benefit: Discounts!

The Minnesota Theater Alliance is pleased to announce members-only discounts at OfficeMax, Cedar Printing, and Monkey Wrench Productions. Not sure if you’re a member? Ready to become a member?

All the Minnesota Theaters in one place!

Did you know there are over 400 theaters in Minnesota?
We've made a list!
And a map!


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